Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Idiot slave and teamviewer fun

Hello boys......

Since joining collarme,com I have had request after request for teamviewer play. I recently had one with a guy who wanted to get drunk whilst I looked round his teamviewer.
He was in a hotel room and I told him to get some shot glasses, which they didnt have so he used cups. He filled them with Jim Bean and started drinking, as I looked around on his comp...

The pics are blurred cus they were taken via teamviewer LOL...I had fun making him write on his chest in pen, and take shots of whiskey and various other stuff. Now keep in mind he only paid $40 or so which is pitance, So I come up with a fun game involving his alcohol and $5 fines, he says hes poor and cant afford the fines, so I say OK fine, this is not fun without fines, or consequences so, a little bit of time goes past and I decided to log out and get an early nights sleep.
Next day I open an email from this asshole telling Me that what I did was fraudulant and he was reporting Me!! What an idiot! So I finally get in touch with him and he says he didnt think I humiliated him enough and so he reported Me...

SERIOUSLY?? For $40 he got 30 mins of My time or more, to take shots, write stuff on his chest and be My bitch, But hell If its humiliation he wants, here you go....A blog all about him...

So Bitch, or should I said, volleypc2000 on Yahoo! Messenger, heres your blog, here's you humiliation and screw you for being such a poor sport.

remember boys you get what you pay for.

Today I get an email from him calling Me a fraud! LOL what an idiot! Because he didn't get off, or get what he wanted he decided to be a bitch about things. Ah well! I even tried to talk to him, and he acts like a 0 year old and logs out, so here you are bitch boy...or should I say

YAHOO SCREEN NAME ....................VOLLEYPC2000..

So screw you, screw you for reporting Me. I refunded your money, I dont need to deal with people like you, I have plenty who love and adore Me.

<3 Goddess Kali


  1. He doesn't even bother trying to pay Dommes now. He's on CollarMe as ItsMeAgain73 and demands you give him numerous humiliating ideas before he'll even discuss your rules or payments. He's up on My blog now too. Loooooser.

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  3. here's a strange moron;
    ID: 190 400 431
    PW: dag48dag (or none actually, pw turned off)

    i dont have time for such things, but he wants bad software to be installed, spyware and so on, files being encrypted with pw, messing up system files, just screwing around. apparently his laptop that he needs for work amongst other stupid things. for those who wanna mess around i guess, its a perfect testobject..:) have fun!

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