Sunday, December 5, 2010

Teamviewer fun with Kenzie

Hello Boys..

Most of you by now, know what teamviewer is... It is a computer software program that allows access for someone else to get onto your computer through their computer. You login using a password and user number they give, then there screen appears on yours. You can see and view anything they can. You can search through there computer files, add and delete things and so on and so fourth...
In MY opinion this is online TPE at its finest.

Princess Kenzie and I have a new boy that were playing with. When he came home from work a few days ago, he was exhausted but gave Me his Teamviewer (TV) info. He told Me he was going to bed, and to have fun looking through his computer.

After a while I logged on and took a look around. I found some online bank account info, so I logged in there. Established his current credit card balance etc. I went to his photo folders, laughed at his porn collection. Checked for his personal pics, and emailed them to Myself for later. It was getting late 3am ish and I was tired, so I finished by logging into draw and making him a nice pic saying Kenize and Kali with a love heart. I set that as his desktop background and I logged out.

The following morning Kenzie messaged Me and told Me she had his password and was on his computer, so I decided to get on there with her...who knew but surprise surprise 2 people CAN be logged in at once! We had a GREAT time browsing all his Internet history. deleting important files etc. All of a sudden it hit Me....there was in fact a way to get into his email!! We got into it, and started reading through all his previous emails...We found credit card details, names and address and all kinds of good stuff! We wanted him to think of US and ONLY US, so We decided to delete his entire porn collection, and replace it with pics of Ourselves LOL......

Next We deleted his entire contact list (except US of course) well hey! We are all he needs now! The fun just went on and on, We found every credit card, every store card, every password, and every online account he had.........Ill leave the rest to your imaginations, what happened next We will keep just between him and the two of US.

Ah Teamviewer oh how much fun you are! Can be used to go in a take money, send emails, block the sub from certain things, the list is endless! Go and download TV and contact Me now for your session...

<3 Goddess Kali


  1. hummmmm
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  2. i have alo team on my smartphone hummmmm

  3. That's such an amazingly hot account of that lucky toys control.


  4. I would love to offer myself..